PFX, backed by Genesis Capital, expands in the CEE region via an acquisition of Human Film, a VFX and animation studio in Poland

PFX, backed by Genesis Capital, expands in the CEE region via an acquisition of Human Film, a VFX and animation studio in Poland

PFX Group, a GPEF IV fund portfolio company of Genesis Capital, based in Prague, Czech Republic, has successfully acquired a 100% stake in the Polish VFX and animation studio, Human Film. This strategic move has expanded PFX Group’s workforce by incorporating 50 highly skilled professionals, surpassing a total of 210 team members. Human, renowned for its expertise in animation and visual effects, boasts a distinctive technical framework dedicated to crafting intricate animated characters, lifelike animals, and captivating special effects for feature films, TV series, and advertising.

Commenting on this milestone, Martin Viliš, Partner at Genesis Capital Equity responsible for the PFX investment, remarked “This initial add-on acquisition not only extends PFX Group’s presence beyond the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also marks our entry into the Polish market. It is the initial step in realizing our strategy to drive the company’s organic growth through strategic acquisitions.”

We are thrilled to welcome the immensely talented team at Human into the PFX family. This strategic acquisition not only strengthens our capabilities but also underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the world of animation and visual effects. Together, we look forward to charting new heights and delivering unparalleled experiences for our clients and audiences alike,” said Jiří Mika, CEO of PFX Group.

We’re excited to join forces with PFX Group and become part of this exciting journey. This partnership opens up new horizons for Human, allowing us to bring our passion for animation and visual effects to even greater heights. Together with PFX, we’re looking forward to creating groundbreaking content and making a lasting impact in the industry. This merger is not a leap into the unknown but a continuation and elevation of an existing relationship. Our teams have already collaborated seamlessly on a variety of projects, proving that this acquisition is a natural progression of a partnership that not only works but thrives. We can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings! ” added Maks Sikora, CEO Human.

About PFX

PFX is a visual effects and post-production studio based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. PFX employs an international team of over 160 talented artists and specializes in visual effects, commercials, animation, and post-production. Over the years, PFX has transformed from a small boutique studio into a prominent and trusted company in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Their client portfolio extends worldwide, boasting reputable names such as HBO, Disney, Netflix, AppleTV, as well as other major Hollywood players.

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About Genesis Capital

Genesis Capital is a private equity group that offers growth and development financing to small and medium-sized companies in Central Europe. Since its foundation in 1999, Genesis Capital has advised six private equity funds with a total volume in excess of EUR 350 million. These funds have already supported more than 70 companies.

At present, Genesis funds hold investments in the following companies: Hecht Motors, Borcad CZ, TES Vsetín, XBS Group, PFX Group, STT Servis, AV MEDIA, KASPER KOVO, Schulte Group, HP Tronic/Datart, 11 Entertainment Group, Summa Linguae Technologies, Conectart, GTH Multicatering, R2B2, HC Electronics , JP-Prolak, SEA Enterprises and UPS Technology.

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About Human Film

Human Film is a visual effects studio situated in Warsaw, Poland, specializing in feature films, TV series, and advertising. Comprising a team of 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals, the studio provides various special effects services. The studio has a track record of engaging projects with industry leaders such as Netflix, HBO, Canal +, TVP (Polish Television), and others.

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