Overkill’s The Walking Dead: VFX Breakdown

Overkill’s The Walking Dead: VFX Breakdown

Goodbye Kansas Studios produced the “Aidan Character Trailer” for Starbreeze’s the upcoming game “Overkill’s The Walking Dead”. The game is highly-anticipated upcoming title from the makers of the Payday series and it brings something a bit different to the table for the popular zombie series. It’s all about cooperative play, as you and four friends team up to mow down the walkers standing in the way of your survival. With unique character abilities, skill trees, squad roles, and story arcs, Overkill’s The Walking Dead sounds like a very different experience from past video game adaptations.

This new video takes an inside look at the creation of last December’s captivating cinematic teaser, created by CG and VFX powerhouse Goodbye Kansas Studios, which revealed the game’s first playable character: Aidan. Watch as the team goes in-depth on the creative and technical process to define Aidan’s lifelike persona and establish the constant atmosphere of danger and dread that surrounds this new post-apocalyptic nightmare in which our heroes must fight to survive.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Aidan Character Trailer”


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