One of Us reinforces its animation leadership

One of Us reinforces its animation leadership

London and Paris-based VFX studio One of Us is thrilled to announce Stephen Enticott in the role of Animation Director.

Stephen will join forces with Head of Animation, Catherine Mullan, to create a formidable leadership team.

Mullan joined the studio in Spring of 2020, with a brief to grow and strengthen the animation team, while Enticott’s new role allows this team to take on work of a whole new scale and complexity.

“The appeal of joining OOU is the opportunity to help set a course for the animation department,” Enticott explains. “Assisting, in some small way, with the navigation of what we hope will be a great voyage ahead of us.”

Enticott entered the magic world of VFX in its infancy, and fell in love with animation from the outset. “The thrill of being part of the birth of the VFX industry in London was soon replaced by the sheer excitement and realisation of the variety of amazing work I was able to be part of,” he explains.

Enticott has been Head of Animation and Animation Supervisor at several of the industry giants – DNEG, Framestore, MPC – and has worked on almost 50 projects, including The Lion King, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Paradoxically, completing a project is not an exclusively positive experience for Enticott. “It’s a bittersweet moment really,” he explains. “On the one hand you get the sense of accomplishment knowing you have helped craft something, but on the other hand, it means the close working relationships and shorthand you have built up with colleagues during the course of the project suddenly dissipate, and that cycle has to start all over again.”

Enticott is already enjoying the collaboration with Mullan – working with crew across all departments in pursuit of a common goal: “To collaborate and provide creative freedom to filmmakers in order to bring their imaginations and visions to life – for others to enjoy”. With this dynamic pairing leading and directing the animation team, One of Us is in great shape to take on the coming challenges.

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About One of Us

We are a visual effects studio with a focus on design and collaboration, founded in London in 2004 by co-directors Rachael Penfold, Dominic Parker and Tom Debenham. Working across film and TV, and with experience in all stages of production, from concept through planning, photography and post-production, One of Us is an essential studio for visual effects and related work. With approved vendor status, capacity and infrastructure for 300 artists, we are expanding into ever more ambitious and exciting projects.

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