Niet Schieten VFX Breakdown By Planet X

Niet Schieten VFX Breakdown By Planet X

In Not Shooting, the extremely violent robbery of 9 November 1985 on a branch of the Delhaize department store chain in Aalst by the Bende van Nijvel is reconstructed. The film deals with the impact on David Van de Steen, when a nine-year-old boy, who survived the robbery but lost his father, mother and sister in the robbery. The screenplay is an adaptation by Stijn Coninx and Rik D’hiet of the book Don’t shoot, that’s my daddy! that Van de Steen wrote together with Humo journalist Annemie Bulté. The film tells the events from the point of view of Albert, the grandfather of David Van de Steen, played by Jan Decleir. Director Stijn Coninx invested seven years in the project to present the story of the robbery, as experienced by David Van de Steen and his grandparents Albert and Marie-Josée Van den Abiel, who took David in afterwards, as a dramatic testimony and indictment against the long-running investigation. imagining.

The film was shot during 40 shooting days from August 29 to November 3, 2017. It was shot in Aalst, Brussels, De Haan, in the company buildings of AARC, and Carrosserie Dirk, both in Erondegem, outside shots for the facade of BimSem in the Bleekstraat in Mechelen, but also in the former Peeters-Govers supermarket in the center of Turnhout. The role of David Van de Steen was played by three actors, the brothers Mo and Kes Bakker and Jonas Van Geel.

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