Ms. Marvel: VFX Breakdown by RISE

Ms. Marvel: VFX Breakdown by RISE

RISE | Visual Effects Studios was founded in 2007 by Sven Pannicke, Robert Pinnow, Markus Degen and Florian Gellinger in Berlin. The plan was to focus with a small, hand-picked team on German TV and feature film effects – but that plan failed.


Who knew that figuring out what Hard Light looks like can be HARD? Stu at RISE London, Sebastian at RISE Munich and their teams designed Ms. Marvel’s procedurally grown superhero powers that materialize out of thin air in SideFX Houdini, giving her the ability to turn every street and rooftop into a jump’n run videogame. Also helpful: giant fists out of, you guessed it, HARD LIGHT! So hard to make! So beautiful to look at! So rewarding when aired on Disney+!

CLIENT: Marvel Studios
DIRECTOR: Bisha K. Ali
VFX SUPERVISOR RISE: Stuart Bullen & Sebastian Lauer

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