Making of War Of The Worlds

Making of War Of The Worlds

War of the Worlds As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival in this sci-fi action film. 2005 Academy Award® nominee for Best Visual Effects.

Director: Steven Spielberg

ILM’s award-winning VFX team, led by senior visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren and visual effects supervisor Pablo Helman, worked with Alzmann throughout the project’s duration. And the duration was relatively short – Spielberg himself eventually expressed wonderment that they completed the effects-heavy extravaganza in less than a year. 

The entire production lasted about 10 months; the shoot, spanning both coasts (predominantly the Eastern Seaboard), lasted only 72 days; and post-production lasted only 12 weeks. Not a lot of time for Industrial Light & Magic to create 400 invisible vfx shots, a situation complicated by the introduction of a new pipeline in anticipation of the company’s restructuring and relocation to San Francisco’s Presidio.

 War of the Worlds was the tightest job in ILM’s history. The crew ramped up from 50 to 179 digital artists aided by a support staff of 60. And half of the vfx shots were actually completed in the final month.

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