Making of Gü House Party

Making of Gü House Party

GLASSWORKS VFX – Enjoy the ‘making of’ of our last commercial for Gü Puds ‘House Party’, directed by Manson and produced by Canada 


Direction: MANSON
Production Company: CANADA London
GLASSWORKS TEAM: Executive Producer, Joan Amat
Producer: Belén Palos
Production Assistant: Sara Camacho
3D Lead: Javier Verdugo
Shooting Supervisor: Albert Garcia
Concepts: Headless
3D Artists: Javier Verdugo, Gerard Casas, Xavi García, Simon Glass, Igor Gouziev, Dani Lorenzo, Kornel Makarowicz, Fabio Medrano, Kiko Navarro, Alba Ribera, Marco Rossi
2D Artists: Albert García, Karen Weiss, Dani López, Ramón Rosa, Ruben Llusià, Dani Granado
Colorist: Daniel de Vue

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