Lovecraft Country: Environments VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Lovecraft Country is a completely unique blend of horror, fantasy, sci fi, and scathing social commentary. The show is exceptional for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that each episode tells a different story using a different genre and Rodeo was invited to play in all of these playgrounds! Right from the moment the show kicks off, when Atticus and Ji-Ah face a Lovecraftian creature, the audience (and the artists who worked on it!) know that we’ve landed somewhere strange and unconventional. It was the enduring hard work and creativity of our teams that helped bring this wild, unpredictable show to life.

How much work are we talking about? Well, our contribution covered 17 months of production, 1218 shots and roughly 160,229 logged hours. This gargantuan task covered scary monsters to spectacular environments; major historical events to cosmic journeys; realistic fire and destruction to magical portals and spells; 2D wizardry to complete CG creations, and from concept art to final shots.

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