LAY’S Poppables Breakdown

LAY’S Poppables Breakdown

LAY’S Poppables Breakdown VFX Done By ATK PLN

 This campaign with Frito-Lay brings a crispy snacking experience to vivid life, as it combines live-action and graphic animations to extend the snack explosion within every bag of Poppables to the city streets.

Our ECD Jose Gomez and Art Director Jackson Armstrong worked closely with the Frito-Lay creative team to bring the bright and bold style of the brand to life through a seamless fusion of live-action and animation. Jose directed the live-action production, shooting on the Paramount Lot to leverage the diverse sets that the iconic backlot provides. Following the shoot, Jackson took the lead in the post, smoothing over the grungy texture of the city environments with clean, striking graphics animations. The team followed the rhythmic cadence of the live-action scene, carefully intertwining its inherent detail and complexity with the bold pop art style of the brand. The result is a kaleidoscopic blanket of color taking over city blocks as the city dwellers happily snack away.

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