Krypton Season 1 VFX Breakdown VFX Done by Rodeo FX

Krypton Season 1 VFX Breakdown VFX Done by Rodeo FX

Director: Colm McCarthy  VFX Supervisor: Kevin Blank

Rodeo FX created supernatural effects in superhuman times.

From the simultaneous explosion of a complete fleet of ships at the hand of the Machiavellian Brainiac, to a violent electromagnetic explosion, cutting the city from its energy supply, through a flaming beam of light that generates a protective dome, our team has breathed raw energy into this series that tells the story of Superman’s grandfather, two generations before the destruction of the mother-planet of the legendary Man of Steel.

Our team did a tremendous job of compositing, creating impressive holograms and the striking metamorphosis of a droid from its humanoid appearance to a dormant state.

Rodeo FX created Kandor, the futuristic city of planet Krypton. This complete 3D digital environment needed to be presented from different angles and in all weather conditions for many establishing shots and several space battles. We also created a military iteration of the skimmer, a Kryptonian spacecraft and animated the ships during the clashes.


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