Korean Air – Go Korean  Making Of by Rodeo FX

Korean Air – Go Korean Making Of by Rodeo FX

collaboration with Studio Vallée Duhamel, Rodeo FX worked on Korean Air’s latest global campaign, Go Korean.

This campaign, made of three short clips, follows a Korean Air passenger as he goes through the boarding gates and finds himself in the ‘Go Korean’ world, a vibrant and colorful sequence of tableaux coming alive around him that depict the Korean Air experience. The tableaux showcase the airline’s features, including fresh ingredients ‘from farm to flight’ and the comfort of the new Kosmo suite.

Korean Air – Go Korean Making Of

Our Advertising department was brought on board from the start of pre-production to provide creative and technical solutions. Five days of shooting in Bangkok allowed us to gather all the visuals needed to create a 60 seconds spot and two 15 seconds spots.

As sole vendor on this project, our team was involved in every step of the post production process. We delivered pre-editing, compositing and color grading to bring the Korean Air experience to life.

Korean Air – Go Korean

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