Kingdoms of Fire VFX Breakdown By RISE VFX

Kingdoms of Fire VFX Breakdown By RISE VFX

Kingdoms of Fire is an Arab historical drama television series about the reign of Ottoman Empire’s Selim I and Mamluk Sultanate’s Tuman bay II, created by Muhammed Abdulmalik and directed by British director Peter Webber.

This reel showcases the visual effects work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios

RISE VFX supervisor Oliver Hohn was given the chance to develop photorealistic CG armies and CG horses with his team for the TV drama “Kingdoms of Fire” in 2019. To spice things up, explosions and fire were added to the epic battle scenes, sometimes as FX simulations and sometimes as elements shot on location. As an additional challenge, several camera teams were at work in parallel during the battles and needed to be covered up with more CG soldiers and CG horses. Battlefields were dressed with corpses and armies equipped with CG flags.

Kingdoms of Fire Official Trailer

Kingdoms of Fire VFX Breakdown

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