John Carter VFX Breakdown VFX Done MPC

John Carter VFX Breakdown VFX Done MPC

John Carter

MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez and Producer Phil Greenlow led the team delivering 180 shots for the picture. MPC’s main areas of work were the “Warhoon Attack’ and ‘Helium City Throne Room’ scenes

collaborates with the other vendors

MPC worked with both Dneg and Cinesite on this show – sharing shots and assets with both. MPC did some airship blocking for the Cinesite shots, which they then polished in their animation team, and sent back to MPC for the final lineup of the cannon fire raining down on the Warhoons. Quite a few shots overlapped with Dneg, wherein MPC had to choreograph scene terrain and composition. MPC do this more and more. It can be quite painful technically, but our relationships with other facilities is very good, and many of us are friends, so it always works out well.


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