Interview with -Vanessa zighetti -Junior compositor -Italy

Interview with -Vanessa zighetti -Junior compositor -Italy

Interview with -Vanessa zighetti -Junior compositor From Digimax Creative -Italy

can you introduce yourself?

My name is Vanessa Zighetti and I am 24 years old, I have a great passion for cinema since I was little and for VFX since I met the lord of the rings.  I studied post-production at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and then I took a specific course on Nuke.  I love cats, travel, cinema, and information technology 

What inspired you to step into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

 Initially I wanted to study special effects such as set design or make-up for fantasy films, but by chance one day during college I walked into the wrong classroom where they were explaining Nuke.  It was love at first sight 

challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories? faced?

 I am still at the beginning of my future career, the challenge is to start gaining experience during a pandemic, where there are few hires and mainly they are looking for people with a lot of experience, establishing yourself as a junior and female is quite complicated, especially at the beginning and especially in Italy.  I love my country don’t get me wrong 

who is your inspiration Women in the VFX industry why?

 Lindy De Quattro, Charmaine Chan and Sara Bennet  Three different women, with different stories and roles, but with great strength and passion for their work in common.  I hope I can draw some strength from their achievements

Women in the VFX industry? challenges for women in the VFX Industry?

 In my degree thesis, I made a chapter dedicated only to this topic, interviewing VFX artists from all over the world.  The employment percentages data speak for themselves, in general, if I am at the same level as a man, to be hired or recognized I must certainly commit twice as much.  At a recent interview, I was “competing” for the job with 5 other guys, a recruiter wandered around the workstations looking at everyone’s work and commenting on it when I came to me he just said “what a nice sweater, but it’s a bit short,  people watch “.  Luckily my job was great as I was lucky enough to go over the Matte Painting the day before the test.

Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences with?

 It is definitely not my best work, indeed, it is ridiculous as seen in today’s stato but it was the first one I ever did with Nuke, 4 years ago, completely without tutorials and without the slightest idea what I had to do.  From there I decided to seriously study the program.

Any advice for Upcoming Women VFX artists?

 Do not be afraid, things are slowly changing, there are women who have fought a lot to allow me to be able to enter this world and there will be women who will do it for you, and you will do it for others.  The world is changing, always chase your dreams, whatever they are, and if you get discouraged, don’t give up and always give your best

Ritto prabu – Thank you Vanessa zighetti for sharing your story with us our best wishes for your VFX Journey to success.

Vanessa zighetti – Thank you Ritto its my pleasure

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