Interview with Post Office Studios

Post office studios is an animation and new media tech studio based in Mumbai, India. 2D Animation. Motion Graphics. Lyric Videos

– When was Post Office Studios formed? What made you start Post Office Studios?

Post Office Studios was set up with the intention of producing high end moving image content in advertising, film and music. We started off as a supporting function for our branded content vertical, Supari Studios, looking after their online and post production needs. However, we soon realised that there was a large gap in the Indian market for niche, design driven animation content. This led us to establish a dedicated studio in September, 2017, that uses a unique blend of art and technology to create compelling animation. Our aim has always been to be ahead of the curve in design and animation, irrespective of the nature and scale of the content piece. 


– Work culture at Post Office Studios?

Culturally, we are a very flat organisation and everyone is encouraged to reach out to anyone for guidance and collaboration. As a growing organisation, we strongly believe in being passionate, empathetic, and agile. We try our best to push the team to constantly learn and enhance their creative skill sets, encouraging collaborations with artists from across the globe in several cases.


– Number of projects you have worked on?

From the date we established, we have executed over 150 projects, majorly catering to branded videos, info-graphics, lyric videos, music videos and PSA’s, for clients such as Red Bull, Warner Records, Asian Paints, Google, Swiggy, PhonePe, Amazon Prime, VICE, Nike and the Star Network, to name a few.


– Which are the international clients you have worked with? From which countries?

Warner Records based out of the United States is one of our closest clients and we have been working closely with the team to create tailor-made animated lyric videos for artists. Other than this, we’ve also worked with a few agencies in South-East Asia, including Ogilvy and SuperUnion.


-How was it working with Warner Brothers? Is the way of creating content for an international client different from Indian clients?

It’s always been an exciting experience working with Warner Records. Even though there is a huge difference in the time zones, we never experienced a setback in communication and production. It’s not as common to work with clients who trust your creative instinct to such an extent and give you a completely free reign in terms of the work you create for them. The team is always thrilled to work on a Warner Records project since it gives us a platform to test our creative boundaries.


Being in the creative industry, every project is unique and challenging, and it’s hard to templatize the processes right from the base. However, even though we are a boutique studio, our processes are very streamlined, and we try to educate our clients about our processes right from the conceptualization stage, till execution.


– Where do you see the Animation and VFX industry is heading now?

Lately, most companies globally are approaching content in a relatively unconventional manner, by creating content that allows you to experience stories in a more intimate and authentic manner. Technology is playing a major role in shaping the animation industry, not only by helping the production of content in being more efficient, but also allowing the final product to be immersive. More and more brands are changing their strategy, and want their audiences to dive into an immersive experience. This is leading to new-age production houses upping their game by incorporating immersive technology into their content.


– Do you see any difference in Indian animation and vfx content compared to international animated and vfx content? 

As India is at the forefront of expansion of animated and vfx content, the line of quality is still relatively low compared to the content produced internationally. However, several international jobs are still outsourced to India since the turnaround times are much quicker here. The ripple effect of this is leading to students not looking at the industry simply through a technical lens, but also from the creative purview, especially in the case of branded content. 


– Future projects?
Our aim is to spread our reach to international markets as well and put India at the forefront of design and tech-driven animation content. We’re also venturing into the creation of scalable and immersive content, by implementing new media technology in our core systems. We recently got the opportunity to collaborate with the Government of Telangana for Hyderabad Design Week 2019! Not only did we introduce the event through various forms of animation and design, but also got the chance to organise an experience centre for the audience attending the event, where we showcased a few prototypes of AR-VR and a mass interactive screen where you see things moving real-time, reflecting from human gestures,

vfxexpress prabu – Thank you Postoffice studio

Post office studio – Thank you prabu

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