Interview with noOne Studio

Interview with noOne Studio

Discover noOne, a french CGI studio that offers services from 3D animation to motion capture video directing and making.

– When was noOne s formed?

–     We officially launched noOne in August 2020. Clément was contacted by a fellow colleague to help on a project and we simply couldn’t do that without having a proper structure and hiring a team. Opening noOne was always the plan, this project just made it happen faster than expected. And we are so glad it happened that way.


Clément Martin Founder, Director and CG Supervisor

–     Clément Martin, you founded the studio, can you tell us more about you and your initiative?

I’ve been working for 7 years in the industry, first as a rig artist and then as a CG supervisor. I’ve always been developing my personal projects in my free time, the lastest is Pokemon Dark Edition. I wanted to bring those projects to a professional level so I founded noOne to give life to those ideas.

The idea behind noOne is that we get to work with talented people, whether it’s juniors or directors and writers. We focus on developing great images, that is our goal. we are “no one” because we are focused on projects, not just doing our projects or being the sole deciders. We look forward to giving people opportunities, as much as learning. It’s a team effort.


Lise-Marie Amar Associate and Head of Production

–     Lise-Marie Amar, you’re the head of production at noOne, what’s your experience and what made you decide to join noOne

After finishing my studies in London, I got a job as a CTO assistant at Framestore. I learned a lot without being in direct contact with 3D. Eventually an opportunity arose to be a production assistant on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. From there, I specialized in animation production.

When I returned to France, I worked at Illumination Macguff and Unit Image, where I learned to handle projects from storyboard to final delivery.

I’ve kept busy, and I’ve tried to integrate the world of artists without being one which isn’t always easy.

When Clément, whom I knew through a friend, called to ask if I was interested, I had to say yes. I never thought of being an entrepreneur, but he had a vision and a plan. I’m glad to see that today I can add my contribution to the table. I think it’s key to follow people in this industry, not just a project or a renowned name. I’ve been having great fun every day since !


– What is the work culture at noOne?

–     noOne is an atypical studio because it was designed as a virtual studio, with no offices. We want to have absolute freedom when it comes to hiring talented artists. We don’t want to be stopped by frontieres or a crisis like COVID. Of course our work culture will take time to build, so far we are trying to be involved in every aspect of the studio, making sure nobody suffers from the distance and the fact of not regrouping in offices everyday. You’d be surprised at the

quantity of people that do not wish to go live in a big city for a studio, or those who would simply rather work from home. We also have a keen interest in juniors, students finishing their studies. Not so long ago, we were all students looking for first experiences, we think it’s

important to give people a chance.


  • Tell us about Dark Edition, the video was seen 2.6M times !

–     Clément worked on the Dark Edition video for 2 and a half years. Talented people and friends also helped him in this adventure. The budget was non-existent, the project ambitious, but it was all well worth it. Clément had the idea of working around the universe of Pokemon because it’s a well of ideas for the style Clément likes to explore (creatures in a world of humans). Nobody expected it to make such noise in the industry, and we are terribly grateful to the people who made this possible. noOne is here today thanks to this project and the dedication of Clément and his team.


–     noOne doesn’t only create projects for clients, you also have original content?

That’s right, the main reason we create noOne is to be able to develop our own projects. Currently we have two original projects being developed.

  • StickFighter – tells the more elusive story of how the bad guy truly becomes the bad guy in a video game, across various and complex characters, breathtaking action scenes and intriguing storylines.
  • the Maya Project – An animated series full of dark humor, sarcasm, violence, and lots of blood.It all begins when Mulac, the sole survivor of his clan’s massacre, is kidnapped as a human sacrifice to appease the gods. Fate, however, has other plans for him. A story of vengeance and self discovery.
  • We have a third project but I can’t tell you more yet. Soon I hope!


  • What are your future plans ?

In two weeks, we will be releasing a second Dark Edition video. We are hoping people will be as eager as they were for the first Dark Edition ! We will also be launching a Kickstarter, in order to develop Dark Edition, and take it to a whole new direction.

We are also currently working on two projects for clients, all we can say is that you will get to see our work again before 2021.


vfxexpress prabu – Thank you noOne Studio

noOne Studio – Thank you prabu

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