Interview with- Ignacio Caicoya – Founder / VFX Supervisor at Iro Pictures- Spain

Interview with- Ignacio Caicoya – Founder / VFX Supervisor at Iro Pictures- Spain

can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about how you started in visual effects?
Hi, my name is Ignacio Caicoya, from Spain. I’m currently running Iro 
Pictures, a VFX and Animation studio based in the Canary Islands. I 
had the opportunity of growing up in this industry learning from great artists from all over the globe in companies like Dneg or ILM.

how was your beginning? Challenges you faced?
I started getting involved in all the projects I was able to keep learning in different fields to have a better understanding of what I wanted to do inside the industry.

what made you start up a VFX house? What was your motivation?
When I came back to Spain I started working at El Ranchito. They 
offered me the opportunity of opening one of their offices in 
Tenerife. After doing that for over 10 months I met who is now a days 
my associate in the company, Vijesh Rajwani, who wanted to invest on 
making a Vfx Studio together.

Tell me about your company?
Iro Pictures is a small vfx and animation studio that has been opened 
for over a year already. Through this time we had been lucky enough to 
work in several projects like a show for HBO, an advert for Coco 
Channel NY, a music video for Apache, some internal projects like Nala 
directed by our 3D Supervisor Alan Jonathan Iriarte, besides others. We 
have our main office settled in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary 
Islands and part of our team is working from Buenos Aires, Madrid and 
Barcelona at the moment.

Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?
One of the shows that I enjoyed the most was Interstellar because the 
amount of things I learned about space as most of the things that 
happens on that show are based on Kip Thorne Theories and that was 
very exciting.

These days health has become an issue for artists, what are the programs related to health and care are provided to the artists?

Likely for us the islands have been making things right enough to 
allow us to have “quite  a normal life” this day plus the company has 
not that many artists working at the office.

what do you expect from artists?
To feel excited and involved about the projects they are working on, 
bringing new ideas and showing the passion for what they do while 
helping their collages to keep growing as well.

plans for the future?
To bring new shows to the company that allow us to keep growing.

How can one apply to your company
There is an e-mail people can send their applications to –

Any advice for artists and production?
If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

Iro Pictures Team Members Vijesh Rajwani associate in the company And Alan, 3D Supervisor

Checkout – Iro Pictures Studio Showreel

Ritto prabu – Thank you Ignacio Caicoya for sharing your journey with us our best wishes to success lot

Ignacio Caicoya – Thank you for inviting me

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