Interview with Gregory Peczinka CG Supervisor Pixomondo Montreal

Interview with Gregory Peczinka CG Supervisor Pixomondo Montreal

Gregory Peczinka CG Supervisor Reel

1. Tell us about you and how you started a career in the CG?

Gregory Peczinka -I started my Cg career in 2004 when I finished my studies in math, physics, Academic art, and science.

For many years I was in between Math and Graphic Computer Science. So I found that perfect balance in the VFX world.

Then I got my first job as FX/Lookdev TD in a VFX Studio called Millimages/Back film in Paris.

I worked in France and mostly in Paris for the next 3.5 years (SparxFX/DuranDubois/MacGuffline/Ex-Machina/MikrosImages…..) , before thinking about moving to London.I established me in the UK for less than 5 years , where i was lucky to work as Senior FX TD/Artist but as well as Creature FX TD, for Framestore/MPC/Cinesite.

I went back to France around 2011/2012 and after a couple of months, we decided with my wife to move with the kids to North America.

We are now established here in Canada and i globally Supervise Live Action shows and TV Series for USA and the independent market for major VFX companies.


2. What does a project need in order to have your attention completely?

Storytelling is the keyword for any project you will work on.

Clear Scripts will help a lot Previz to understand what the director POV.

Research and Reference are the best visual aspect you will look for all along the show.

Data library organization is sometimes pretty well managed by client-side and again it helps a lot for the first check view of the concepts step.


3. How has your experience been working at pixomondo ?

I am quite a bit brand new into the Pixomondo organization. I already join the Mtl office to give help in the building team step and making sure that Montreal lines up ASAP all the other offices.

The Team spirit is really there and the way Pixomondo offices are dealing together is pretty awesome.

We are definitely on the spot concerning show sharing and way to deal with pipelines versus distance locations.

The heart of that way to deal with is the force of Pixomondo pipeline by itself.


4. challenges and experiences in the early years?

We saw many changes and massive evolution for a couple of years concerning CG traitement and it seems that it will take a bit more time to see that new way of doing shows.

We are now using more and more scan and lib data from side companies that were more present in other industries but VFX ask to push more in science for the past years and ask more for the next ones that ever.

We all deal with Mocap Data with a large panel of grounds scan.

Some new department is just popping out in that industry.

Environment and Digital Matte Painting have changed a lot for a couple of years due to the real-time process.

Now realtime engines are able to give us a big up to reach a level of quality previz we never had before.

Virtual camera motion gives you the opportunity to create a virtual camera in a VR world with the release of a real CG camera for a shot context.

We are able to think in sequence, and not for a shot mind thinking.


5. explaining CGI in a simple form?

What is CGI …..well for me that is the abstract way to create an unknown world with real proportion and realistic behavior with natural contents


6.what’s are the typical task or job of a 3D Artist?

There are many tasks a 3D artist will have to face.

We are talking about Asset dpt which shows that all is starting from the same point.

1.Geo model

2. Textures

3. Shading ( network CG to reveal the texture quality work ) + Lookdev

4. Light and Render are the most final part you make a big blend about what you were working on before.

That’s what we are defining as an Asset task.

But concerning the CG Job by itself, an artist has to make sure that he will be ready for a long day of tech check of dailies/rounds/reviews and most of the time retakes and notes to address.

——————————————————————————————————————– to get started with 3D?

I am still thinking that Art and science are both some qualities you will need to develop to turn yourself into a relevant artist or TD.

There are many schools / and office facilities which let you participate in classrooms/training/course where you will learn.

You have multiple Web access to tones of knowledge and we are now able to connect anybody here on the web to have ideas or share test processes.

Communications ways increase a lot the nature of the job and the way to learn it.

So take the chance and see what’s happened.


8.scope and opportunities in VFX /3D?

The Scope of the VFX is really large.

It provides data from Set shooting location(studio or geo set ) to VFX Post-Production ( all the jobs we can provide thanks to shooting plates).

If you want to integrate a VFX company, you will need to know what is your real interest in that part of the job.

Like if you prefer doing travels and have a globetrotter lifestyle or if you prefer waiting for the shoot to get data to create in the post inside a studio in front of your machine.

The VFX specter is all around that.

So talking about opportunities, you will get them all the time and sometimes you will get one big gig to manage and this one will happen only one time in your life.

Take it or not take it is more relative to what you expect from a job in general.


9.future technology of 3D department will it be AI originated or will it evolve?

So Deep learning/AI auto process is something we are all the time looking for.

Mainly we are fighting to have the auto process to make complex things cut into pieces that people can deal with.

Or if we see that the job will take to much time in terms of human actions, we will try to make that happen automatically.

Deep Learning is now more entering the VFX world due to the quality aspect.

We need to iterate more and more with more precision all the time.

Deep learning makes it faster in the way of doing and managing wedges in any case.

Process is now able to learn from you, from the way you choose to act into the software package.

But it does not make the job for us, it helps us to have better results and faster interpretations.

Performance capture / Human data body scan in large scale / Shot location acting with volume scan from camera or half capture dome / Realtime packages with AR and VR experience.

All of that is giving a larger spectrum of what the job will turn into.


10.Advice /tips to Young artists how they can grow fast and be more efficient?

Learn a lot, Test a lot, make human connexions, be open to any interesting opportunities.

Make your dream happens and give all the power you have to make it happen.

Trust human relationships, be the one that all are waiting for and you will deserve and receive a lot more than what you will expect.

We only remember the good times we spend on shows at the end.

It’s a fantastic adventure and you will meet awesome people all around the world.


Vfxexpress prabu – Thank you Gregory Peczinka

Gregory Peczinka – Thank you prabu

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