Interview with -Fellipe Beckman- Environment Generalist TD at Framestore

Interview with -Fellipe Beckman- Environment Generalist TD at Framestore

Can you introduce yourself?

First of all thanks Ritto for the opportunity. 

My name is Fellipe Beckman, born and raised in Brazil. Currently working as Environment Generalist at Framestore Montreal. I started my journey at a young age. I used to draw a lot, illustration was my first passion in the art world even not knowing that someday it would become a profession, unfortunately, I didn’t pursue illustration as a profession thanks to CG 😀 Yeah! Once I discovered computer graphics I basically started to devote all my time to it. No regrets to be honest. In the CG world, I gave my first steps in mid-2004 so it’s been a while since.

Alita Battle Angel – Fan Art Done by Fellipe Beckman

What inspired you to step into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

Movies, I love to watch movies, I watch at least two per day. I was always fascinated by the behind scenes, how things were done, that was my main inspiration to get into the industry. 

Challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories? faced?

The main challenge was the resources, I didn’t have the money for a computer or an education focusing on arts so I had to learn by myself back then, but I have good memories, those hard times teached me a lot about patience and waiting for the right moment. Things end up well for me with the passing years. I can’t complain I have done good things and reached some goals in life, but I think it’s just the beginning. 

What are your greatest achievements in the VFX Industry?

This will be a very short answer lol, getting into the industry was my greatest achievement. I used to dream big when I was young but also always keep my feet on the ground. Dream big and expectations lower always worked for me. 

Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?

Yes! Alita Battle Angles for the fact that this was my very first show in the industry, a lot of new things to  learn, pipeline, new softwares. I had a great time working on this show. 

Tell me More about your experience in Framestore and would you like to share some of your memories of your favorite shows?

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the shows, but I love the place I’m enjoying my time here. 

Future film making would be in Virtual Production?

Good question! I would say yes, I believe in it and I hope for it to become a new standard for our industry. 

The future 3D Modeling will it be AI originated or will it evolve?

Hard question! I would say procedural, houdini has been proven to be an amazing software. I think procedural modeling is the way. 

Resources they had when they started?
When I first started I was using my friend’s computer to learn. I owe a lot to this my old friend, Fernando Gomes is his name. Then in the upcoming years, I had the chance to get my first computer at the age of 16 was an AMD Duron 1.3 which the processor ended up burning because of my renders lol. And the 3ds Max license was a trial license that I brought with an old digital art magazine.

Advice /tips to Young artists on how they can grow fast and be more efficient?

Be patient. People have different times, some people can improve really fast, some

slower. Never compare yourself to others. Learn to accept criticism and most importantly how to filter the feedback. If you aim to get a job in the industry, knowing how to deal with people will be very important.

Thanks again for the opportunity buddy.

Ritto prabu – Thank you Fellipe Beckman For sharing all

Fellipe Beckman – Thank you Ritto thanks for inviting me

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