Interview with Ceppe

Interview with Ceppe

Starting out, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Ceppe, 31 y-o, multi-instrumentalist, software developer, nerd, sport addicted, and… VFX
I live in Naples, in the south of Italy, I’m married and I’m having my first baby in February.

How do you get into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

I always liked, and searched for movies “behind the scenes”.
I was more fascinated by VFX than by movies themselves, and when I was 20 I bought my first
(cheap) “green screen” in a goods store.
From that moment I never stopped learning VFX by watching YouTube tutorials and buying
online courses
enging thing was – and I’m very proud of it – to be strong and don’t get blended by social
media low-quality content request.
Many creators use to make very low-quality content in order to get more followers, I don’t
like this kind of thing.
I think that if you’re yourself and do what you really like to do, numbers will arrive. You don’t
need to do TikTok dance moves to get a new audience.

Tell me More about your experience in VFX?

Last year I had a NUKE-X course with one of the greatest Italian trainer who worked in
many Hollywood movies and Netflix series (Avengers, Dracula Untold, etc.)
It was a 3 months experience in compositing that gave my great knowledge, attention to
cinema-grade of details and complete control of one thing in particular: the alpha
channel, that for a compositor is almost everything!

When you have started your channel share your memories and experience about it?

I started my channel during the first lockdown.
I lost my job and had a lot of free time at home, so I decided to experiment a different VFX
format for my IG channel, and people loved it from the beginning. I’m very proud of it.

Future film making would be in Virtual Production?

Absolutely, we all so the POWER of virtual in productions as “The Mandalorian”. It really
blowed my mind, green screen and its limits will be soon outdated!

Advice /tips to Young artists on how they can grow fast and be more efficient?

I suggest one thing to my young colleagues: get yourself influenced by a lot of artists but
always be creative and original. Let the world inspire you to make super creative contents
that could entertain other people and inspire other artists too!

vfxexpress- Ritto prabu Thank you Ceppe for sharing info with us

Ceppe- Thank you Ritto

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