Inside Studio -VFX PICK Company

Inside Studio -VFX PICK Company

VFX PICK is a creative visual effects company with a vision of providing high-quality output standing out in uniqueness.

At PICK, we operate as a single unit, called  The ‘A’ Team with the right mix of creative professionals committed to delivering quality visual effects work in the areas of creative direction, design, visual effects, environments and set extensions, 2D and 3D compositing.

Our priority is delivering the final projects most importantly with utmost quality regardless of the budget. We value Your project idea because @ PICK, we are passionate about uniqueness of each creative idea regardless of any technical complication; You can see our passion in our work, our attitude and our commitment, in delivering your project

Besides having the ability to adapt our services to the needs of your project, every member of the VFX PICK team has 7+ years of industry experience in top of the line animation industry and in all areas of the feature film, commercial, and Series. Have a click at your projects to see the giants we have worked on

Culture at VFX PICK

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