Hunter Killer VFX Breakdown by Worldwide FX

Hunter Killer VFX Breakdown by Worldwide FX

“Hunter Killer” (2018) is directed by Donovon Marsh and is starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Michael Nyqvist.

WorldWide FX was the lead VFX studio bringing Patrick Robinson’s bestseller book to the big screen.

WorldWide FX team was led by the VFX Supervisor Stanislav Dragiev who worked alongside the director Donovan Marsh and the Production VFX Supervisor Sean Farrow to create more than 600 breathtaking shots for “Hunter Killer”.

WorldWide FX work was varied and included everything from set extensions to full CG underwater environment. It was an exciting and rewarding experience to be able to be a part of such an ambitious project. We were able to successfully complete many challenging tasks such as: achieving a realistic underwater environment with visible details even during the night; realistically simulating underwater explosions; recreating huge objects such as American and Russian submarines in great detail.

WorldWide FX also tried out some different approaches in our work such as rendering particles for the 3D environments in Nuke instead of Houdini.

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