Hula Hoop VFX appointed -Navin Venkatesh the Head of Production

Hula Hoop VFX appointed -Navin Venkatesh the Head of Production

Hula Hoop is proud to announce the appointment of Navin Venkatesh as the Head of Production for it’s  Chennai Studio. Bringing Navin on marks a key milestone in Hula Hoop’s story. 

Navin brings close to 20 years of experience in building, growing & managing post-production and VFX teams. He has worked on over 100 Hollywood movies for post-production studios and independent productions around the world. Navin has been involved in tentpole projects such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Men in Black 3, Terminator Salvation, The Smurfs 2, Alice in Wonderland and many more. His key competencies include managing large-scale production in visual effects and working closely with clients and facilities to manage costs, timelines and quality. 

Navin puts his success down to creative passion and an open approach in the leadership of talent, staff and continuous adaptation to new technologies. These natural skills, combined with his resourceful understanding of the scalable processes needed to meet budgets and timescales have seen him play a huge part in delivering countless multi-award-winning projects for leading brands and clients across the advertising, music, entertainment and feature film sectors during his career at Frameflow, Sony Pictures Imageworks, 5Elements and as independent VFX Producer for various other feature film projects. 

“I’ve learned a lot of things in the years that have gone past and enjoyed working in the creative industries. Being involved in productions with creative staff is key to my happiness”, said Navin on his experience in VFX so far. 

On his decision to join Hula Hoop, Navin said “I firmly believe in being a part of a continuously growing VFX studio and at the same time, I wanted to move out of sales. I was genuinely interested in being involved in the ambitious vision Hula Hoop had for its future. I look forward to being a valued contributor to this phenomenal team”

Hula Hoop is very excited about Navin being an integral part of what the future holds for them

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