Haaland Unleashes Fury in Clash of Clans Campaign with Axis Studios & Supercell!

Haaland Unleashes Fury in Clash of Clans Campaign with Axis Studios & Supercell!

Glasgow, UK – May 2, 2024 – In their fourth partnership with Supercell, Axis Studios  (Marvel: Snap, The Famous Grouse, Love Death & Robots) lead the creative charge in the latest Clash of Clans trailer featuring professional footballer and star striker, Erling Haaland. The campaign, created by New York advertising agency DAVID, marks Clash of Clan‘s first in-game celebrity collaboration, bringing together Axis’ animation and VFX divisions to reimagine Haaland in the Clash universe.

Debuting April 30th on YouTube, and already accumulating over 20 million views, Haaland for the Win! Clash of Clans x Erling Haaland is the opening of a major campaign featuring Haaland. Supercell and creative agency DAVID devised the campaign, while Axis led the creative production bringing together sports specialists Founder Creative with their animation and visual effects teams.

Axis’ 4th cinematic directed by Axis resident director Olly Reid in an ongoing partnership with Supercell, it was crucial to ensure that Haaland’s 3D likeness blended seamlessly into the distinctive style of the Clash universe. “On each project we’ve been a part of, there has been a palpable sense of enjoyment when working with these characters and this level of stylization. Supercell trusts us to go the extra mile with story, idea generation, and creating epic visuals. DAVID had a fantastic overarching campaign idea and a truly fun script for Haaland, and we came in early to help enhance what was already there. It’s been a genuinely smooth and enjoyable, creative collaboration process between all three partners.

Beyond guiding the cinematic from storyboarding to the final trailer, Axis VFX division provided VFX supervision and an on-set team who with DOP Jack Maddison ensured the integration of the vibrant CG elements with the live-action sequence.  This meant the team could maximize both the creativity and efficiency of what was possible within the project’s parameters.

Watch the trailer today.


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