Frooti Commercial Breakdown By Hornet

Frooti Commercial Breakdown By Hornet

Hornet is a production studio based in New York City and Brooklyn

Hornet director Yves Geleyn has teamed up with Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh to create the newest campaign “Love Story” from India based Frooti. It was an exciting challenge to start with the already established identity of the brand and still push the creative towards something fresh and new for the Frooti audience. This is Hornet’s second campaign with Frooti and global superstar Alia Bhatt so there was already a core understanding of the visual language. Still, it was key for Geleyn to infuse a simple sweetness that bordered on absurdity in the look and story while finding a clever way to incorporate Alia, their gorgeous brand ambassador. What better way to do this? A charming love story.

Concept & Direction: Yves Geleyn
Production Co: Hornet
Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Sang Jin Bae
Producer: Marty Geren
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola
Production Manager: Diane Yzaguirre
Editor: Yves Geleyn
Storyboard Artist: Yves Geleyn
Designers: Yves Geleyn, Anna Bron

Lead Compositor/VFX Supervisor: John Mattiuzzi
Compositors: Peter Fink, Rachel Rardin, XiaoXiao Tang, Bea Walling, John Harrison, Isa Ghaffari
CG Lead: Richard Kim
Character Modeling/3d Print Preparation: Javier Leon, Javier Jaen Clavain, Isabel Garcia Jaen, Marta Pombo Grosso, Esau Perez
Character Rigging: Ramiro Gomez
CG Previs/Animation: Jon Mueller, Anthony Travieso, Doug Vitarelli
3d Printing: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, Brian Menzie Project Engineer
Colorist: Shawn King

Line Producer: Joel Kretschman 
Director of Photography: Toby Howell
Motion Control Operator: Richard Coppola 
Gaffer: Michael Yetter
BB Electric: Chris Clarke
Key Grip: Garrett Cantrell
BB Grip: Balz Biellmann
Animators: Pete List, Matt Christensen
Art Director: Tim McDonald
Fabricators: Peter Erickson, Kerry Coutu, Ben Kress, Matt Scharenbroich, Janet O’Sullivan, David Assel, Matt McGlade, Michael Lawrence
Art Dept. Intern: Jenna Clear
Prod. Assistants: Colin Williams, Tim Kuhl, Tariq Bilal
Animal talent provided by All Creatures Great & Small

LIVE ACTION Bulgaria (Ransom Films)
Executive Producer: Salil Khurana
Producer: Suhana Sharma
Line Producer: Alex Momchev
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Assistant Director: Yana Alexieva
Focuspuller: Miro Stoilov 
Gaffer: Alex Trenev
Key Grip: Vihar Nikolov
Production Designer: Momchil Tassev
DIT: Ivailo Stefanov
Production Manager: Konstantina Manolova
Talent: Alia Bhatt
Make-up: Puneet Sini
Hair: Priyanka Borkar
Wardrobe: Lakshmi Lehr

LIVE ACTION India (Ransom Films)
Executive Producer: Salil Khurana
Producer: Suhana Sharma
Line Producer: Sachin Singh
Associate Producer: Shaunak Kapur
Director of Photography: Shimit Amin
Assistant Director: Siddartha Luther
1st AC & Focuspuller: Haresh Bhanusali: 
Gaffer: Hitesh Sadrani
Key Grip: N Koteshwararao
Production Designer: Twisha Pal
Production Manager: Nadeem Shaikh
Production Coordinator: R K Chaudhary
Production Assistant: Suresh Goud
Talent: Allu Arjun
Make-up: Marcello Pedrozo
Hair: Sonia Shariff
Wardrobe: Edward Lalrempuia

Music: Amit Trivedi
Mix: A.T. Studios
SFX: Surendra Poojari 
AGENCY: Sagmeister & Walsh
Creative Director: Jessica Walsh

CLIENT: Parlé Agro
Joint Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer: Nadia Chauhan
Group Brand Manager: Aaron Gomes
Assistant Brand Manager: Athul Pillai

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