Electric Sheep raises £393k for AI rotoscoping tool

Electric Sheep raises £393k for AI rotoscoping tool

London-based start-up Electric Sheep, specializing in AI visual effects, has introduced an innovative solution called Spotlight, aimed at streamlining post-production processes within the film and television industry. This cloud-based AI platform serves as a rotoscoping tool, enabling seamless background removal. This enhancement grants visual effects Artists greater flexibility for crucial adjustments.

Presently, this editing technique is a manual endeavor, involving editors meticulously cutting around foreground elements frame by frame. This laborious process can consume approximately six hours to handle just one second of footage, incurring an annual industry cost exceeding $1.5 billion.

“Electric Sheep’s state-of-the-art cloud and AI platform stands ready to revolutionize various fundamental VFX workflows. Their approach is intelligent and practical, expediting some of the most painstaking post-production tasks,” comments Steven Sullivan, Partner at Spatial Capital and former Senior Technology Officer of LucasFilm. The start-up has successfully secured an oversubscribed Pre-seed funding round amounting to $500,000. Leading this round is Dasein Capital, joined by Spatial Capital and Look AI Ventures. The funds acquired will be channeled towards further development and enhancement of the Spotlight platform.

“We are enthusiastic about collaborating with three investors who boast extensive experience in AI, VFX, and scalable solutions,” expresses Gary Palmer, CEO at Electric Sheep. “The flawless background removal eliminates the necessity for on-set green screens, empowering creative professionals to capture the scene’s essence without compromising the final outcome.”

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