Duckweed ( Cheng Feng po lang ) VFX Breakdown VFX By Pixomondo

Duckweed ( Cheng Feng po lang ) VFX Breakdown VFX By Pixomondo

PXO Beijing spent two weeks on set and 11 weeks on post-production. A regular time frame for this type of CG work would be around 4-5 months, especially the train-crashing-car sequence. But thanks to the amazing cooperation between departments including onset and editorial, it happened much quicker.

In it’s review of “Duckweed” on Feb. 7, 2017, Variety called Han Han “China’s most popular blogger, literary rebel and professional rally driver (who) has been hailed the definitive voice of his generation. Like his debut feature (“The Continent”) autobiographical elements are infused into themes of travel, nonconformism and male-bonding.”

Variety also singled out the scene depicted in this Making-Of video, writing that “Han’s improved skill as a director can be seen in his execution of two driving sequences….and a bravura slow motion shot of Lang’s car colliding sideways with a speeding train.” Since that 2017 project, PXO has gone on to work with Han Han again on on his third film, “Pegasus,” which was released on Feb. 5th 2019.

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