Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown

Doctor Strange

While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Director: Scott Derrickson

VFX Done By 

Industrial Light & Magic -VFX Supervisor: Richard Bluff
Framestore -VFX Supervisors: Rob DuncanMark Wilson and Jonathan Fawkner
Luma Pictures -VFX Supervisor: Vincent Cirelli
Method Studios -VFX Supervisor: Chad Wiebe
Rise FX -VFX Supervisor: Florian Gellinger
Crafty Apes -VFX Supervisors: Chris LeDoux & Tim LeDoux

Production VFX Supervisor is Stephane Ceretti

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown By Framestore 

Framestore worked on over 365 shots on Marvel’s Doctor Strange, encapsulating a range of VFX and animation work including environments, the complex ‘Mandelbrotting’ of sets, incredibly high resolution digi-doubles of key characters, and the creation of the astral form, a key technique used throughout the film.

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown By Industrial Light & Magic 

ILM executed the VFX for the New York Mirror Dimension sequence, the time reversal Hong Kong sequence and the first reveal of the New York Sanctum exterior.

In pre-production we developed the Eldritch Magic whip weapon and worked extensively on the Astral Projection effect before that was passed off to other vendors at which point the direction changed as the film-makers honed in on their look.

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown By Rise FX 

 RiseFX Worked on 88 shots 

VFX Supervisor: Florian Gellinger 

“”At first we only designed a couple of trailer shots of Doctor Strange’s whip that were done for the final film by another vendor. For the film we worked primarily on the opening scene where the Librarian is decapitated by the villain. We also created the dimensional portal to Hong Kong, designed relict weaponry and gave some magic books glowing seals.””

Doctor Strange: Visual effects revealed – BBC Click

Al Moloney sat down with Doctor Strange VFX Supervisor Mark Bakowski from ILM London and talked about the challenges in putting together the film’s climatic Hong Kong sequence. The film has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Visual Effects category.

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown VFX Done By Luma Pictures

Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown VFX Done By Luma Pictures 

Based on the 1960s Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange tells the story of Dr. Stephen Strange pursuing the art of black magic and his battle to save the world from the demonic ruler of the Dark Dimension.

Luma worked on over 200 shots on the Oscar-nominated film between the Los Angeles and Melbourne studios and contributed significant VFX work including the opening London sequence, Cathedral, and the Dark Dimension

Doctor Strange Main Title- Sarofsky

IMAX Sight & Sound: Doctor Strange


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