Darrell Lee – Freedom – VFX Breakdown  by altvfx

Darrell Lee – Freedom – VFX Breakdown by altvfx

Aussie favourite Darrell Lea announced that its entire range is now 100% palm oil free with a bold new phase in its “Darrell Lea Makes It Better” campaign from independent agency Akkomplice.

The campaign kicks off with a TVC, featuring an orangutan partying to the beat of George Michael’s Freedom! 90 to encourage viewers to consider how the choices they make at the checkout can quite literally change the world.

The Melbourne based agency engaged the talents of director Mitch Kennedy and Australian visual effects creature specialists Alt.vfx to bring the partying orangutan to life for the campaign.

The fully CG creature and the drumming animation was achieved with a drummer in a motion capture suit as a starting point, followed by a secondary round of animation on the VFX floor for the final polish and realistic movements.

The fur was run through Alt’s grooming pipeline before our lighting and compositing teams brought the orangutan to life in every shot!

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