Cobra drama series VFX Breakdown By BlueBolt

Cobra drama series VFX Breakdown By BlueBolt

Cobra is a British drama series on Sky One that premiered in January 2020. The six-part series is written by Ben Richards and stars Robert Carlyle and Victoria  The full series of COBRA is currently streaming on Sky One and Now TV.

BlueBolt created a dramatic body of work,  providing all 350 VFX shots over the entire series for the Sky original production for New Pictures. 

The BlueBolt team, led by VFX Supervisor Henry Badgett and VFX Producer Tracy McCreary, created a wide range of VFX including a fully CG motorway environment and complex CG plane crash, motorway set extensions, riots, fires and London Blackout effect and the effect of an overpass falling under the weight of a transformer, rebuilding the road surfaces in 3D and simulating the massive destruction.

Cobra drama series Tráiler

Henry Badgett was on set and on location in and around Manchester throughout production and explained how the plane crash sequences evolved during the process.

The plane crash was originally conceived based on the ability to shoot drone plates. When it turned out that this wasn’t going to be possible we were forced to build the entire environment. Although this was a big change of course and a lot more work, it ended up giving us way more freedom and control of the shots.

We simulated the entire plane crash and then positioned virtual cameras to capture the action, rather than animating shot by shot. This allowed us a much faster turnaround time for the shots, the clients favored this approach as it was more based on real-world physics.

Cobra drama series VFX Breakdown By BlueBolt

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