Carnival Row VFX  Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Carnival Row VFX Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Image Engine stepped into the world of Carnival Row to conjure up murderous werewolves and the shadow-stalking Dark Asher.

Image Engine was responsible for all the werewolf sequences and anything relating to the creature Darkasher. This work spanned across multiple episodes with episode 8 being the highest shot count and fortunately delivering last in the schedule. This was the most challenging of them all with more shots and a lot of physical interaction with the set, environment, and characters. Image Engine did 169 shots

Production VFX Supervisors: Betsy Paterson & Todd Shifflett
Production VFX Producer: Lea Prainsack
Image Engine VFX Supervisor: Robin Hackl
Image Engine VFX Producer: Lilian Bravo

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