Canadian Tire – Christmas – VFX Breakdown

Canadian Tire – Christmas – VFX Breakdown

Canadian Tire – Christmas – VFX Breakdown VFX Done By Alter Ego Inc

alter ego is a collective of Canada’s best colorists, designers, and visual fx artists

The creative idea was to have an old man who lives at the top of a mountain and a young boy out for a day of sledding, travel together on a toboggan down the hill. And to complicate things, even more, let’s put a dog on the sled as well. With the creatives at TAXI leaning towards a sunset lighting palette and a storybook landscape that truly doesn’t exist, it made traveling to a location, not an option. This also suggested that a complete CG environment would allow for the most flexibility in creativity. Working closely with director Pekka Hara during pre-production, alter ego created a pre-visualisation complete with camera moves and landscape references. The pre-vis became an extremely useful tool on location to help both the crew and the client visualize the final composition of a shot when all we could see through the monitor was a blue screen


Broadcast Producer: Nadya MacNeil

Editorial: Saints Editorial

Editor: Mark Paiva

Assistant Editor: Giuseppe Piccolo

Colour & VFX: alter ego

Sr. Colourist: Eric Whipp

Colour Assistant: Erik Bayley

Lead VFX Artists: David Whiteson & Andrew Thiessen

CG Artists: Mike Waldrum, Jerry Corda-Stanley, Gabriel Madariaga & Rafael Stoll

VFX Artists: Sebastian Boros & Hali Gale

Executive Producer: Hilda Pereira

Producer: Andrew Tavares

Audio: Vapour RMW

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