Bumblebee VFX Reel By Cantina Creative

Bumblebee VFX Reel By Cantina Creative

Brought on during the early stages of post-production, we channeled our retro sensibilities to deliver a multitude of visual effects for the latest entry in the Transformers franchise. Working closely with visionary director Travis Knight and VFX supervisor Jason Smith, we were tasked with designing, animating, and compositing multiple HUDs, holograms, monitors, and user interfaces present throughout Bumblebee.

Credits List

Client Paramount Pictures

VFX Executive Producer Sean Cushing

VFX Senior Creative Stephen Lawes

VFX Producer Donna Cullen

VFX Supervisor Tony Lupoi

Design Supervisor Andrew Hawryluk 

Designers Daniel Zhang, Carly Cerquone

CG Artist Julianne Dome

Compositor Matt Eaton

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