BOT VFX officially open an office in Pune, India

BOT VFX officially open an office in Pune, India

In January 2022, BOT VFX will officially open an office in Pune, India, recognizing the great talent pool of visual effects artists native to the city.  BOT already has a pool of artists based in Pune who has been working remotely for the last 10 months.  The new office will accommodate these existing employees and new joinees as BOT begins its recruitment efforts in Pune.  “Pune is a vibrant city with great infrastructure, and many trained artists are ready to join the BOT family, so expanding our footprint there seemed to be a very natural step for us,” notes Sreyans Bardia, BOT’s Co-founder and MD of the India Operations.  “This is yet another confirmation that we are truly a global company, with not only global clients, but talent across many cities including Chennai, Coimbatore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and now Pune.” 

While some companies rely heavily on artists working from home in other cities, BOT has held the belief that there are overwhelming advantages of having office space to have meaningful collaboration, reliable infrastructure and adherence to the security expectations of our clients.  “Operating during the pandemic has reminded us of two things about the importance of having a physical office: it is essential to the collaborative nature of the visual effects work we do, and it is essential for people to have a sense of belonging to an organization,” observes Hitesh Shah, Founder and CEO.  “Our culture has always been a key part of our DNA.” (#More2LifeAtBOT) 

Adding perspective on the role of technology, Sukumar Sreenivas, BOT’s Head of Strategy and Growth, notes that “the current technology has simplified what used to be complex operational factors in integrating the workflows of multiple office locations.  Now we can have both: office footprint in multiple geographies and a tightly knit pipeline.”  

BOT is always looking for promising VFX talent across the country and the globe. If you want to be a part of a vibrant, nurturing work culture, get in touch with us at

BOTVFX is expanding its crew!

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