Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is a 2023 American superhero film based on the DC character Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle. Produced by DC Studios and The Safran Company, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is the 14th installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film was directed by Ángel Manuel Soto and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and stars Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle alongside Adriana Barraza, Damián Alcázar, Raoul Max Trujillo, Susan Sarandon, and George Lopez.

Development of a film featuring Reyes began by the end of November 2018 with Dunnet-Alcocer attached as screenwriter. Soto was hired to direct the film in February 2021 for the streaming service HBO Max. Maridueña was cast that August and the film was changed to have a theatrical release in December. Further casting took place in early 2022 before filming took place from late May to mid-July at Wilder Studios in Decatur, Georgia, as well as in El Paso, Texas, and Puerto Rico.

Blue Beetle premiered in El Paso on August 15, 2023, and was released in the United States on August 18, by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film received generally favorable reviews but emerged as a box-office bomb, grossing $129 million worldwide against a production budget of $104 million, and became the lowest-grossing film in the DCEU.

Let’s peek at some amazing behind-the-scenes videos from Blue Beetle in this featurette!

The VFX is made by:

Digital Domain
ILM – VFX Supervisors: Russell Earl, Malcolm Humphreys

RISE – VFX Supervisor: Oliver Schulz

Rodeo FX

The Production VFX Supervisor is Kelvin McIlwain.

Director – Angel Manuel Soto

Release Date – August 18, 2023 – USA

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