Bloodsport -Jean-Claude Van Damme fan art 3D Breakdown

Bloodsport -Jean-Claude Van Damme fan art 3D Breakdownwork done by Stavros Karagiannis

This “Bloodsport” Jean-Claude Van Damme fan art likeness

It is a fan art project, based on the 1988 American martial arts film “Bloodsport” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

It started as a head likeness but he ended up sculpting the whole body as well as creating the set (not very detailed but enough to show as background for my shots).

Skin detail was done by hand sculpting, custom alphas, and TexturingXYZ alphas. Color maps were hand-painted in ZBrush poly paint.

Below is a link to a 1′,30” animation he made with the Van Damme model and the surrounding environment. 

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