Black Mirror – USS Callister VFX Breakdown

Black Mirror – USS Callister VFX Breakdown

Framestore’s Television department proudly re-joined Black Mirror to deliver VFX for series four episode ‘USS Callister’ handing the creative studio an unrivalled opportunity to deliver stunning 4K assets and edge-to-edge CG and anamorphic sequences, in a 270-shot, 74-minute, Sixties-inspired showcase

Framestore’s brief for ‘USS Callister’ was no small undertaking. Approached by Brooker and Executive Producer Annabel Jones to work on Haynes’ episode, the team was challenged to find the creative solutions to a big idea: one that would combine the iconic visual tropes of a past era of sci-fi with its modern counterpart, all under a video gaming umbrella.

The narrative arc of this highly stylised episode called for numerous environments, including those in outer space; the namesake USS Callister spaceship; the nightmarish CG Arachnajax creature; and the many special effects, matte paintings and graphic replacements that bring veracity to a high production value film.

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