“Best friend” – Visual Effects Breakdown VFX Done By Mackevision

“Best friend” – Visual Effects Breakdown VFX Done By Mackevision

The short movie “Best Friend”, created for animal rights organization PETA, also marked the launch of the first element in Mackevision’s character pipeline: Emotional Creatures. The premiere can be viewed on TV, in movie theaters and online. Star of the show is Lucky – a piglet who is little Mara’s best friend.

Client: PETA e.V.
Production: Fahle Film UG
Producer: Veith Unger
Director: Nathalie Lamb
DoP: Christoph Schuman
Gaffer: Patrick Lang
Production Design: Jacqueline Lang
Production Design: Christina Mast
Costume: Astrid Hildebrand
Editing: Ann-Kathrin Matthes
Sound Design:Johanna Roth

VFX Producer: Francesco Faranna
VFX Supervisor: Christian Zilliken
Animation Supervisor: Bernd Nalbach
CG Lead: Emanuel Fuchs
Compositing Lead: Julian Körrenz
Compositing Lead: Jan Burda

Executive Producer: Heiko Burkardsmaier
VFX Coordination: Paul Maresch
VFX Coordination: Iggy Rau
Consultant Supervisor: Juri Stanossek
VFX Set Supervision: Rouven Dombrowski

VFX Editorial/Grading: Tobias Pfeiffer
VFX Editorial: Jörg Wohnsiedler
Pipeline Developer: Axel Mähler
Pipeline Developer: Henry Weickert
Matchmove: Frank Rosenkränzer

Character Designer: Christian Leitner
Lighting: Sebastian Plank
3D Generalist: Henrik Soeltzer
3D Generalist: Marco Wilz
Rigging: Jakub Krompolc
Hair, fur: Lukas Gotkowski
Hair, fur: Jaroslaw Handrysik

Animation: Maciek Wojtkiewicz
Animation: Dastin Hoffman
Animation: Dorian Knapp
Animation: Mariia Prokopenko
Simulation: Lisa Ecker
Compositing: Mauricio de Oliveira
Compositing: Gus Martinez
Compositing: Peter Lames
Compositing: Lukas Fabian
Compositing: Constantin von Zitzewitz
Compositing: AnhKhang Huynh

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