Avengers Infinity War VFX Breakdown By DNEG

Avengers Infinity War VFX Breakdown By DNEG

Avengers Infinity War VFX Breakdown By DNEG

Graham page vfx supervisor 

DNEG worked on 5 sequences across the film.

The Edinburgh sequence, where Proxima and Corvus attack Vision and Scarlet Witch. This sequence included extensive character work for Proxima and Corvus along with set extensions and CG environments, digi doubles, FX magic and destruction and Vision augmentations.

The scene in the jungle in Wakanda where Vision and Captain America fight Corvus, followed by the scene where Wanda attempts to destroy Vision with her magic.

The scene in Knowhere, where Thanos tricks Gamora, for which we did the environment work including fully CG establishing shots and ship animation for the Benatar.

Avengers compound interior shots, including set extensions hologram displays and Vision augmentations.

Benatar Cockpit interiors including set extension work.

DNEG  created additional motion capture for many of the shots using a Moven suit

Facial performances were driven by the facial capture footage, shot on set and during the dialogue and motion capture stages. The footage was used as a basis for the performance but often needed tweaking based largely on the difference between the actors playing the characters and the alien characters who were physically different. In some cases subtle performances had to be exaggerated and more extreme ones toned down based upon what read well.

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