AT&T: Train Breakdown By Method Studios

AT&T: Train Breakdown By Method Studios

The movie mashup is part of AT&T’s ‘More For Your Thing’ cinema campaign. The 90-second film, ‘Train,’ combines elements from westerns and family films to let viewers know they can get movies and more with AT&T unlimited plans.

The film tells the tale of a Wild West train heist in two distinct parts. The first shows a train heist. As a locomotive steams down the tracks, a grizzled band of train robbers is seen planting dynamite on the tracks. The conductor sees them and screams, “They’re blowing the tracks!” but can’t stop the train in time. The explosion breaks the rails as the train careens into a gully on its side. When the dust clears, the scene becomes a whimsical stop motion animation of a train trying to right itself. Each car is a different, overly perky character. All the cars chant “We’ve gotta get back on the track,” as they dust themselves off and jump back on the track, choo-chooing along in song and the now animated gang looks on in stunned silence.

The work, from BBDO, was directed by Dougal Wilson and supported by House Special (previously known as Laika/house), which handled the animation. The animation director on the project was Paul Harrod, who was the award-winning production designer on Wes Anderson’s Oscar-nominated Isle of Dogs.


Creative Agency: BBDO

Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer BBDO New York: Greg Hahn

Group Executive Creative Director: Matt Macdonald

Executive Creative Directors: David Povill, David Cuccinello

Creative Directors: Kevin Mulroy, Dan Kenneally

Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe

Group Executive Producer: Julie Collins

Executive Producer: Jessica Coccaro

Business Manager: Meg Foley

Managing Director: Rachel Nairn

Senior Director: David McKenzie

Account Director: Allie Knill

Director of Project Management: Colin Vidika

Communications Planning Director: Mac Russell

Media Agency: Hearts & Science

President, Hearts BBDO Team, AT&T: Ralph Pardo

Hearts & Science, Group Director, OOH Investment: Vanessa Hartley

Hearts & Science, Supervisor, OOH Investment: Kat Hamilton

Hearts & Science, Sr. Media Director: Alina Kulesza

Hearts & Science, Media Director: Chantal Villain

AT&T Clients:

SVP, Advertising & Marketing Communications: Valarie Vargas

VP, Advertising & Social Media: Marc Burns

Director, Advertising: Dave Brown

Lead Manager, Advertising: Tara Poosti

Production Company: Furlined

Director: Dougal Wilson

President: Diane Mccarter

Vice President: Benjamin Davies

Senior Executive Producer: David Thorne

Line Producer: Karen O’brien

Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder

Production Designer: Jahmin Assa

Composer: Dougal Wilson

Editorial Company: Final Cut

Executive Producer: Suzy Ramirez

Producer: Ana Orrach / Jamie Lynn Perritt

Editor: Joe Guest

Assistant Editor: Zoe Schack

Color: MPC LA and London

Color Supervision: Jean Clement Soret

Colorists: Ricky Gausis & Matthieu Toullet

Color Producer: Leianna Campbell

Executive Producers: Meghan Lang & Ellora Chowdhury

Visual Effects Company: Method Studios

Senior VFX Supervisor: Benjamin Walsh

Senior Producer: Pip Malone

CG Supervisor: Rus Brutsche

Comp Supervisor: Toma Bowen

Lead Flame: Ian Holland

Lead Animator: Tim Ranck

Lead FX: Vladislav Tushevskiy

Coordinator: Josephin Peichl

Stop Motion Animation Company: House Special

Executive Producer: Hammack

Creative Director: Kirk Kelley

Animation Director: Paul Harrod

Animation DP: John Nolan

Senior Producer: Rebecca Bowen

Project Coordinator: Casey Follen

Music Company: JSM Music

CEO/CCO: Joel Simon

Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello

Composers: Nathan Kil/Joel Simon

Audio Finishing: Formosa

Mixer/Sound Designer: John Bolen

Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio

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