Artsdatabanken Visual Effects Breakdown

Artsdatabanken Visual Effects Breakdown

When we pitched our idea on how to visually present the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (Artsdatabanken) and how they worked, we hold nothing back. Since the job – to serve as a national source of information on species and ecosystems in Norway, and to make up-to-date information on biodiversity widely available and easily accessible to the society – is easily misunderstood as boring, we wanted to show to the full extent how impressive this job actually is. And even though the reality is a bit bleaker than what we portray, the workers of Artsdatabanken and their methods is close to that of special agents 😉

We wanted to build this vault of information far underground and decided to shoot the entire thing on greenscreen and build the sets in post-production. This project is to date the biggest, best and most satisfying VFX job we’ve done and with the size of this project, we finally realized the full potential of our post-production suits. Our VFX-artists have really evolved a lot because of this, and we are proud to finally show you what we’ve made.

This film series is in the epicenter of what Helmet Films and Visual Effects loves to do. Epic crazy shit, full of humor and big set designs – and of course a lot of Sci-fi love!

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