Apostle VFX breakdown VFX Done By Bait Studio

Apostle VFX breakdown VFX Done By Bait Studio

Apostle VFX breakdown VFX Done By Bait Studio 


We were pleased to have the opportunity to work on Netflix original film, Apostle. We provided on-set VFX supervision and contributed around 70 shots in 4K, working closely with writer/director Gareth Evans (The Raid) to help bring his vision to life. Work included matte paintings and some of the more complicated visual effects sequences in the folk horror film, such as an explosion of blood and fire, and bringing the vegetation to life, included the vines that grew whenever the Goddess was fed blood.


“We worked on a number of sequences which involved vines spreading as they grew, sprouting new leaves and flowers, before eventually wilting and dying.” CG Art Director Llyr Williams “These sequences were made particularly challenging by the complicated network of branches which the new vines needed to grow from and over. We decided to take a procedural approach which enabled us to quickly populate large areas and update any changes” he concluded.

“Apostle was a challenging project for Bait with some very complex shots that had to meet Gareth’s high expectations.” VFX Supervisor Christian Lett reveals “We learned a great deal and are very proud of the work on our first project for Netflix.” The film premiered on Netflix in October 2018.

  • Client:Severn Screen
  • Client:XYZ Films
  • Client:Netflix
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:Christian Lett
  • Visual Effects Producer:Peter Rogers
  • CG Art Director:Llyr Williams
  • Production Manager:Lucy Lawson-Duckett
  • Lead Technical Director:Joe Thornley
  • FX TD:Alejandro Etcheverry
  • FX TD:Daniel Wood
  • Lead CG Artist:Santeri Holm
  • CG Artist:Adrian Hanslien
  • Matte Painter:Dimitri Delacovias
  • Matte Painter:David Swift
  • Matchmove Artist:Will Phillips
  • Lighting Artist:Jamie R Stewart
  • Compositor:Anthony Williams
  • Compositor:Rory Williams
  • Compositor:Nic Hodgkinson
  • Compositor:Paul Vorsman
  • Compositor:Alasdair Wynn
  • Compositor:Alesja Surubkina
  • Compositor:Daniel Mendez
  • VFX Co-Ordinator:Molly Stracy
  • IT Support:Tafadzwa Mushawasha

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