Aliens- Destruction VFX breakdown

Aliens- Destruction VFX breakdown

A short VFX breakdown for street destruction scene in “Aliens” short film.

Production & post – Revolution studio.

Director/DOP Timur Abdulov and the crew at Revolution Studio in Moscow take time out from their commercial work for a fun spec spot featuring pissed off aliens, massive urban destruction, and just enough comedy to carry the whole thing off.

Written & directed by – Timur Abdulov
Executive producer – Irina Skaletskaya
Line producer – Irina Skaletskaya
DOP – Timur Abdulov
Camera – Fedor Ratnikov
Actors – Avramov Denis & Gorislavets Vladimir
Head of extras – Vladislav Subeev
Dub Actors – Pudan Pavel, Tikhonov Mikhail
Dubbing Director – Yuriy Nazarov
On-set technical assistant – Igor Bakhmetev, Revkate Abdulov

VFX producer – Irina Skaletskaya
VFX supervisor – Timur Abdulov
3D lead – Philipp Redblackov
Lighting and render – Philipp Redblackov
3D – Michael Yandimirkin, Dmitry Karanda
FX – Vitaly Antonovas, Timur Abdulov
Characters CG sculpting – Dmitry Parkin

Animation director – Timur Abdulov
Character animation – Yuri Vereteno
Rig – Andrey Orehov

Concept & look development: Philipp Redblackov, Timur Abdulov
Characters design – Alexander Gavrilov, Timur Abdulov

Compositing – Timur Abdulov
Matchmove – Dmitri Kirillyak
Camera mapping – Andrey Titarenko

SFX – Artem Naidenov
Music – Abstracode
Mixing & mastering – AZvuka

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