Airpocalypse VFX Breakdown By CGF

Airpocalypse VFX Breakdown By CGF

  • Xiao Yang— Director
  • Vladimir Tkachenko— VFX Supervisor CGF
  • Darya Speranskaya— VFX Producer CGF
  • Anna Oyner— VFX Coordinator CGF


  • BangBang Asia



Ma Le, a psychologist who self crown as a “master of suicide intervention”, relied on other people’s misfortune to make a living. One day, the God of Longevity fell down from the sky and hit Ma Le by accident. Ma Le accidentally absorbed the God of Longevity’s magic breath, and was told that the world is collapsing, unless someone find and gather Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning, these four gods together to stop it. These four gods were punished before and cast into human world. Therefore, the gods and human started a hilarious and exciting journey together to save the world…

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