Advanced ‘Whole Body Capture Rig’ or ‘360 Degree Full Body Scanner at Bangalore, India

‘Whole Body Capture Rig’ or ‘360 Degree Full Body Scanner’ as it is known comprises of 140 DSLR cameras capturing the subject in just a fraction of a second at a click of one button

having the ability to create hyper realistic human faces and bodies & opens up new horizons for content creators who want to create characters contributing to stunning visuals in their productions.

A world-class facility established & run by ABAI with the support of KITS/KTECH & Govt. of Karnataka.

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The  Centre of Excellence provide State of the art facilities that will give the AVGC industry in Bengaluru and Karnataka a holistic technological boost.

It has house a highly equipped AVGC post production lab providing the industry with resources to generate high quality content. The CoE also has a finishing school that will train & provide highly skilled technicians to the companies in Karnataka, thus facilitating employment opportunities.

vfxexpress at ABAI

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