72nd Emmy Awards 2020-Special Visual effects nominees

72nd Emmy Awards 2020-Special Visual effects nominees

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards

Winners of this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards will be unveiled September 20 live an ABC in a ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Here is the list for the Special Visual Effects:


Lost In Space – Ninety-Seven  – Netflix

  • Jabbar Raisani, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Terron Pratt, Visual Effects Producer
  • Marion Spates, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Niklas Jacobson, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Andrew Walker, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Juri Stanossek, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Dirk Valk, Previs Supervisor
  • Blaine Lougheed, On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Paul Benjamin, Special Effects Coordinator

Stranger Things – Chapter Eight: The Battle Of Starcourt  – Netflix

  • Paul Graff, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Gayle Busby, Visual Effects Producer
  • Tom Ford, Visual Effects Producer
  • Michael Maher Jr., Senior Concept Illustrator
  • Martin Pelletier, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Berter Orpak, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Yvon Jardel, Animation Supervisor
  • Nathan Arbuckle, Lead FX
  • Caius Man, Special Effects Coordinator

The Mandalorian –  Chapter 2: The Child  – Disney+

  • Richard Bluff, VFX Supervisor
  • Jason Porter, VFX Supervisor
  • Abbigail Keller, VFX Producer
  • Hayden Jones, VFX Supervisor
  • Hal Hickel, Animation Supervisor
  • Roy Cancino, Special Effects Supervisor
  • John Rosengrant, Supervisor
  • Enrico Damm, Environment Supervisor
  • Landis Fields, Virtual Production Visualization Supervisor

Watchmen– See How They Fly  – HBO

Erik Henry, VFX Supervisor Matt Robken, VFX Producer Ashley J. Ward, VFX Production David Fletcher, SPFX Coordinator Mathieu Raynault, VFX Supervisor (Raynault FX) Bobo Skipper, VFX Supervisor (ILP – Important Looking Pirates)Ahmed Gharraph, VFX Supervisor (Framestore London)Emanuel Fuchs, VFX Supervisor (Mackevision)Francois Lambert, VFX Supervisor (Hybride)

Westworld –  Crisis Theory – HBO

  • Jay Worth, VFX Supervisor
  • Martin Hernblad, VFX Supervisor
  • Jeremy Fernsler, ?VFX Supervisor
  • Nhat Phong Tran, ?VFX Supervisor
  • Joe Wehmeyer, ?On Set VFX Supervisor
  • Bruce Branit, On Set VFX Supervisor
  • Octevia Robertson, VFX Coordinator
  • Jacqueline VandenBussche, VFX Production Manager
  • Sebastiano D’Aprile, ?In-House VFX Supervisor?


Devs –  Episode 8 – FX Networks

  • Andrew Whitehurst, VFX Supervisor
  • Sarah Tulloch, VFX Producer
  • Anne Akande, VFX Producer [DNEG]
  • Sam Townend, VFX Co-Producer
  • Giacomo Mineo, On-Set VFX Supervisor [DNEG]
  • Tom Hales, CG Supervisor [DNEG]
  • George Kyparissous, FX Supervisor [DNEG]
  • Stafford Lawrence, Animation Supervisor [DNEG]
  • Jon Uriate, Lead Compositor [DNEG]

Tales From The Loop – Loop  – Prime Video

  • Andrea Knoll, Visual Effects Producer
  • Ashley Bernes, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Eduardo Anton, Compositing Supervisor
  • Julien Hery, Visual Effects Supervisor, Rodeo FX
  • Laurent Pancaccini, CG Supervisor, Rodeo FX
  • Andrew Kowbell, Lead Compositor, Rodeo FX
  • Alan Scott, Special Effects Supervisor, Legacy Effects
  • David Piombino, Compositing Supervisor, Moving Picture Company
  • Rajesh Kaushik, Lead Compositor, Moving Picture Company

The Handmaid’s Tale – Household  – Hulu

  • Stephen Lebed, VFX Producer
  • Brendan Taylor, VFX Supervisor
  • Leo Bovell, VFX Supervisor
  • Rob Greb, Compositing Supervisor
  • Gwen Zhang, Senior Compositor
  • Marlis Coto, Compositor
  • Stephen Wagner, Lead FX Artist
  • Josh Clark, CG Supervisor
  • James Minett, CG Lead Artist

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan –  Strongman  – Prime Video

  • Erik Henry, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Juliette Yager, Visual Effects Producer
  • Peter Crossman, On-set Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Pau Costa, Special Effects Supervisor
  • Paige Prokop, Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Deak Ferrand, Visual Effects Art Director, Rodeo FX
  • Francois Lambert, Visual Effects Supervisor, Hybride Inc.
  • Jesper Kjolsrud, Visual Effects Supervisor, Goodbye Kansas
  • Richard Vosper-Carey, 3D Artist

Vikings –  The Best Laid Plans  – HISTORY

  • Dominic Remane, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Bill Halliday, Visual Effects Producer
  • Becca Donohue, Visual Effects Producer
  • Leann Harvey, On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Tom Morrison, CG Supervisor
  • Ovidiu Cinazan, Lead Compositor
  • Jim Maxwell, Lead Matte Painter
  • Ezra Wadell, Lead Massive Crowd Artist
  • Warren Lawtey, FX Lead

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