Stop Wasting Time on Reports! 2dview Makes VFX Production a Breeze!

Stop Wasting Time on Reports! 2dview Makes VFX Production a Breeze!

Stop Wasting Time on Reports! 2dview Makes VFX Production a Breeze!

Imagine this: you’re in the thick of a crazy creative project, deadlines looming, and you desperately need a clear picture of where things stand. But instead of focusing on the creative magic, you’re stuck churning out endless reports to keep everyone in the loop. Ugh!

Well, fret no more, VFX friends! 2dview is here to help. This software doesn’t just offer great features, it has a game-changer: reports that actually save you time! ⏰

From Studio Snapshots to Individual Artist Insights

Gone are the days of spending hours cobbling together reports from scattered data. 2dview offers a whopping eight different report types, each designed to tackle a specific production pain point.

  • Need a quick pulse check on your entire studio’s health? The Studio Report gives you the lowdown.
  • Stuck in a project management bind? The Project Report is your knight in shining armor.
  • Want to see how specific departments are performing? The Department Report has your back.

These are just a taste of the reporting buffet 2dview offers. They’ve got reports for tracking deliverables (Daybook Report), monitoring project status (Status Report), and even evaluating individual artist performance (Individual Artist Report). Feeling overwhelmed by artist scheduling? The Artist Availability Report is a lifesaver. And to top it all off, the Productivity Report gives you a comprehensive view of your entire studio’s efficiency.

Reports That Work for You (Literally!)

The best part? These reports aren’t just pretty PDFs gathering dust in your inbox. They’re fully customizable – pick the date range that matters to you, from a week to a whole year. With a single click, you’ve got detailed reports at your fingertips in seconds.

Effortlessly Download Reports as Excel for Clear Communication

And because 2dview understands the importance of clear communication, you can easily download these reports as Excel sheets for future reference or client meetings. No more scrambling to explain complex data – the figures will do the talking, showcasing project progress and details with crystal clarity.

Stay on Top of Your Game with Scheduled Reports

2dview doesn’t stop at giving you reports on demand. You can also schedule them to be automatically sent to whoever needs them, at the perfect time. This means all stakeholders get the updates they need without you lifting a finger.

Informed Decisions Made Easy

Each report comes with an executive summary that provides enough detail for quick decision-making, with even deeper dives available in the detailed tables. No more flying blind – 2dview empowers you with the data you need to make informed choices that keep your projects on track.

Supercharge Your Productivity Without Breaking the Bank

2dview isn’t just another expensive software burden. It’s an investment in your studio’s future. It streamlines workflows, saves you time, and ultimately boosts your productivity – all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Ready to Experience the Power of 2dview?

Don’t just take our word for it! 2dview offers a free plan so you can experience the reporting revolution firsthand. Sign up today and see how 2dview can transform your VFX studio’s productivity. Visit to get started or shoot them an email at for more information.

Let 2dview handle the reports, and get back to doing what you do best: creating mind-blowing VFX!

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