OutpostVFX – iBoy VFX Breakdown

iBoy Outpost’s VFX Supervisor, David Sadler-Coppard, led the project and was on set throughout, working closely with director Adam Randall Outpost VFX provided all 150 shots for the film, the vast amount of which were coined ‘iVision’ – this refers to how the protagonist connects with and manipulates technology. These shots consisted of motion graphic …

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Character Creation for Beauty and the Beast with Framestore

Framestore’s character creation on Beauty and the Beast and how the team used new techniques to bring household objects Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts to life convincingly with photo-real look development using Maya, Shotgun and Arnold. Framestore was responsible for all of the household staff, many of the castle interior environments, the exteriors of the …

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Making of Lotto Max Bear

Montreal’s SHED tackled the challenge of creating a beautiful family of bears with ‘bigger than life’ personalities – finding a balance between stylization and realism. SHED used Houdini in a wide variety of ways, including character FX (fur creation and grooming, sliding skin using a cloth solver, etc), environments, lighting/lookdev, etc. One of their key …

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A whole bunch of Blade Runner 2049 VFX breakdowns in one place

Blade Runner 2049 wins 2018 BAFTA as well as 90th Oscars award for Best Visual Effects Blade Runner 2049 Director: Denis Villeneuve Head of the Visual Effects is John Nelson and the Production VFX Producer is Karen Murphy. VFX Done By: DNEG -VFX Supervisor: Paul Lambert Framestore -VFX Supervisor: Richard Hoover MPC -VFX Supervisor: Richard Clegg Atomic Fiction -VFX Supervisor: Ryan Tudhope BUF Rodeo FX UPP -VFX Supervisor: Viktor Muller Territory Studio …

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VFX supervisors Christian Irles, Joern Grosshans Join Image Engine

Academy Award-nominated visual effects studio Image Engine has appointed two visual effects supervisors to its Vancouver-based headquarters: Christian Irles and Joern Grosshans. “I’m delighted to join the Image Engine team, the calibre of work that is consistently released only highlights the talent of the artists at the studio. I’m looking forward to collaborating and powering …

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The Little Mermaid 2018 – FINAL TRAILER

The Little Mermaid  Release Date : 17 August 2018 (USA) A young reporter and his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real little mermaid.   Directors:  Blake Harris, Chris Bouchard (co-director)   Production company: Netflix Music director: Jeremy Rubolino Producers: Armando Gutierrez, Robert Molloy   visual effects supervisor:  Phantom Fx –Bejoy Arputharaj Rich Thorne

Black Panther – Behind the Scenes

Black Panther -Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Movie -Director: Ryan Coogler After the events of Captain America: Civil War, King T’Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country’s new leader. However, T’Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two …

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Galbani Mozzarella Commercial VFX Breakdown

Mozzarella Breakdown Software: Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects CREDITS: Simone Nucci: Design, 3D, Postproduction Tiny Bernhard: Design, 3D, Postproduction Petar Dakovic (Managing Partner),  Jana Fuchs (Projektmanagement). Saatchi und Saatchi: Tom Kees (Art Director) Philipp Zubler (Junior Brand Director) Léonie Kelly (Beratung) Sound from freesound Setuniman CLIENT: Galbani    

Coven VFX-Magnum VFX Breakdown

Magnum VFX Breakdown Cliente: Magnum Productora: Mysticpoint Director: Carlos Gaviria Dop: Javier Martin Post Producción: Covenvfx Supervisor vfx: Lisette Aldaz Mattepainting: Lisette Aldaz Modelador: Maria Mercedes Moreno Rotoscopia: Josua Cruz, Andres Silva, Lisette Aldaz Tracking 3D: Lisette Aldaz Proyección 3D: Josua Cruz 3D Animator / Rendering Artist: Josua Cruz, Osmel Carrizo Compositing and Final Look: …

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